Some address cannot be found. What can I do?
The following lines refer to those, whose native tongue is not English. The example here is taken from the German but may be transferred into other languages.

Whenever a village, or e.g. a mountain cannot be found, the reason may be that the English spelling for the search criteria is expected.

If you search for e.g. Frigiliana (small village in Andalusia) and enter as address "Frigiliana Spanien", you´re unlucky. But if you try "Frigiliana Spain", the exact position will be displayed. Another example: "Kilimandscharo Tansania" only produces an error message. "Kilimanjaro Tanzania" will be the hit.

The only problem is: "How can I know about the English spelling of villages, countries, mountains, ... ?"

A simple trick is the following: Done!