How can I geotag photos with the locr GPS Photo for Symbian software?
If you want to use the locr GPS Photo for Symbian software you need an account and a password.
Having signed up you can use the locr GPS Photo for Symbian software to geotag your photos.

Open locr GPS Photo for Symbian. The "Edit login data" dialog box will appear.
Sign in by entering your user name and password. You will only need to log in once on your mobile phone. Your user name and password will be stored for subsequent use.

The locr GPS Photo für Symbian main menu contains five options: Use the "Options" key on your cell phone to alter other settings including "Activate GPS", "Photo quality", "Photo privacy", "Account data", etc.

Important: These are general settings!

Take new photo
Depending on your mobile phone, you can either use the built-in GPS functionality or an external GPS Bluetooth data logger.
The "Waiting for initial GPS coordinates" message will appear. Wait a moment, where necessary, or select "Cancel" if you want to take a photo without GPS information, then take your photo.
Via "Options" you can now upload the photo you have taken to the locr web site. Choose the "Select access point" option and enable an available WLAN connection.
Photos with GPS information will be uploaded with coordinates, and can then be viewed on the locr web site with their map position.

Photo privacy
Please note! The default setting of photo upload privacy is "public". This means that all the photos you upload to the locr web site will be uploaded as public photos and will be visible to all internet users on locr website.
If you would prefer to keep your photos private you can alter the photo privacy setting in the "Options > Photo privacy" menu. For more information see How can I add friends and family members?

There are four different options:
Select photo
"Select photo" lets you open your photos and edit the photo information.

You can:
Visit the locr web site
You can visit the locr web site at any time, whether you have uploaded photos or not.

Show local photos
The "Show local photos" option displays public photos taken locally by all locr members.

Visit my locr gallery
Click on "Visit my locr gallery" to open the locr web site in your browser. This allows you to view photos that you have uploaded to locr.

Please remember: You may be charged for any connection to the internet. You may also be charged for uploading photos from your mobile phone to the locr web site!